Features and How it Works:
The Overdose App on IOS and Google Play:

A customer can register to the loyalty program through the cashier when making an order or even download the Overdose App. from the App Store or Play Store. Once the customer is registered, this customer is now an Overdose Loyalty Member! A Member just has to provide their mobile number to the cashier when making a purchase, and the upon completing the purchase; the member will earn the points respective to their order! Once a member accumulates 7 points, the member is now eligible for one free reward product and can request it from the cashier. The cashier will then verify the balance by using the member’s mobile number and upon confirmation, the member can request the free product required. The product is then redeemed in exchange for the points! ​

The Overdose App is a loyalty app which allows a member to keep track of their membership right on their smartphones. Some of the featured functionalities a member can view and perform on the app, is as follows: 

•View Point Balances and if a free product is eligible or not. 

•View the latest Promotions and Offers available at Overdose. 

•View their transaction history. 

•View Overdose Branch Locations closest from the Member’s Location and Branch Details. 

•Use the Virtual Card on the app, in the branch, instead of providing the mobile number. 

•Receive Push Notifications with the latest offers and news of Overdose.

•Provide feedback to Overdose via email.

The Goal of an Overdose Loyalty Member:

As an Overdose Loyal Member, points can be earned for as frequently as the member visits Overdose outlets and makes purchases by providing their number or virtual card to the cashier. With the points earned through loyalty, an Overdose Member can exchange accumulated points for free reward products on their next purchases!